black nut meringue

When I came across a black walnut tree for the first time a few weeks ago while walking with the children, the insanely nutty scent wouldn’t let me go.

To get hold of the aroma, I set about macerating the fruit under vacuum. Another batch was processed in a warm oil extract.

From the resulting syrup, I made an Italian meringue, to which I added a little activated charcoal for visual drama.

To balance the brutal sweetness and the rather tannic notes of the nut, I used really fat yoghurt and the tart blueberries.

On top, a pear ragout made from three different types of pears with pear syrup and ginger cubes marinated in pear brandy.

For extra crunch, I made a granola of black walnuts and small cubes of candied black walnut shells.

Around it, a few dabs of the syrup and a few squirts of a sweet mayonnaise I made with the oil extract.

Is this the patissier in me that I have suppressed for too long?

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