I twisted the dough together pi by thumb. Whole spelt flour, olive oil, ice water. Until it just fits, as grandma would say. Blind bake until golden brown and the crust cracks.

“Royal” made from soft farmer’s butter, peas, mint and eggs. Mixed mercilessly and strained. Peas are a bit ornery….

Spread the blanched peas on the golden brown crispy pre-baked quiche base and infuse with the mint pea royal. Red spring onion, pink pepper and feta to taste on top and a final round in the (far too hot) pizza oven.

Served with mint yoghurt and a few fresh radishes.

It was still a touch too dry for my likings. Next time I’ll add more fat to the “Royal”.

Or „Du beurre, du beurre, du beurre et beaucoup de temps!“ as grandma would say…

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